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On Grandpop’s Lap

On Grandpop’s Lap is a story about a young boy name Zachary who visits his Grandparents. While Grandmom is making cookies, Zachary gets into mischief. Grandmom turns to Grandpop for help in keeping Zachary Busy. Grandpop tries to occupy Zachary with games, videos and toys until Zachary finally tells his Grandpop that he really just wants to sit on his lap and hear his stories.
Author Cathy Helowicz tells the true story of her father’s experience with his grandson.
“It’s a perfect book for grandparents to read to their grandchildren.”

The illustrations are simple but evocative…the love between Zachary and his grandfather is beautifully developed…a touching, poignant story.
Writer’s Digest Book Awards –

Activity Book

After you read “On Grandpop’s Lap”, this is a great workbook to do with your parents, grandparents, or whomever reads to you. The Activity Book – Companion Workbook is filled with fun pages that are educational too! Picture-word match, drawing lesson, word search, English to Spanish, Circle the Answer, Find the Difference and much More! Fun for grandparents, parents and kids.

Ideal for ages 4-9